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Red Dragons Duese Bigalow


Call me at !-912-659-1292 or email me pups will be on the ground May 2011 $800


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Red Dragons Duese Bigalow and Red Dragons Crazy Kay have been breed pps due to be on the ground the first week in may 2011 call or email me for the best picks pups will be $800

Red Dragons Crazy Kay


She is off of Sabers litter mate brother Red Dragons Mdog and Red Dragons Lava


Red Dragons Lava

   Welcome to Red Dragon Kennels.

   Hey dog lovers. Thanks for visiting , I hope you enjoy the site. My name is Kenny Clark. I am breeding Old Family Reds with all the fire and personallity that they are so famous for. Thanks to very selective breedings done by Red Hot and Camelot Kennels. All though alot of Red Dragons ancestors are large, I don't breed for size alone. Additude and  intelligence play a big role. I also believe that nice line breeding will produce your best pups. Some of the Old Family Strains I breed are Red Hot, Camelot, Dangerzone, Wilder, Hemphill, Sarona, Clouse, Castillo. All pups are UKC & ADBA registered. I hope you enjoy the site. If you have any questions or comments please call me at 912-659-1292 or Email me    

Red Dragons Duese Bigalow


RIP Red Dragons Saber You be missed terribly


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